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   Certified Advanced Reflexologist

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Welcome to San Raphael!


Feet hurt? Knees a bit achy? Feeling a little stiff getting out of bed in the morning? ... or maybe stress is affecting your life... whatever the reason... you've come to the right place!  Reflexology, by its design, will have you feeling better in no time.. in fact, for most, right after the very first session!             I, Danette Lelonek , am a Certified Advanced Reflexologist trained in reflexing points on the feet, hands, and ears, knees, elbows and necks, all in order to help get the body systems -- you --working more optimally and feeling better quickly!     
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Ionic Foot Baths help to facilitate alkalization in the body through the process of ionization. An alkaline, as opposed to an acidic, system is crucial to maintaining health. Simply by placing the feet in an ionic foot bath for 30 minutes will pull out an array of toxins such as heavy metals, yeast, and parasites into the bath water causing a drastic change in the water's color.  Bath is followed up by 30 minutes of Reflexology to further detoxification. -- $55/$50


If it's a virus or bacteria that's been plaguing you with the same cough or laryngitis every season, or your back could use some tlc, then a Raindrop treatment may be just what you need! This powerful, wonderfully relaxing technique encourages a straighter spine by dropping pure, all natural, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial oils along the spinal column.  
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Reflexology Session Fees
​1/2 hour ----------------  $30
BHA Member ---------  $25
1 hour ------------------- $55
BHA Member --------   $50
Raindrop Session
1 hour  ------------------$75
BHA Member --------- $65
  Session Hours:            
       <>< By Appointment Only
​  Day and Time Availability: 
  Tues- Weds- Thurs- Friday:   
     1st Appt:  9:30am -- last Appt: 7pm       Saturday:  
     1st Appt:  9:30am -- last Appt: 2pm 
 Forms of Payment:  Cash or Check

 Gift Certificates Available
3 1/2 hr sessions ---------  $ 80
      (savings $10)
​BHA Member --------------  $ 75
​     (savings $15)
3 l hr Sessions ------------- $145
    (savings $20)
BHA Member --------------- $135
​     (savings $30)
​5 1hr Sessions -------------  $225
      (savings $50)
BHA Member ---------------  $200
​     (savings $75)

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